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  1. BusyElf Said,

    First class service and cooperation all the way through this project. Many thanks Typo.
    I couldn’t have done it without you

  2. Steve J Said,

    Quit staying up so late and work regular hours for me!!! lol!

  3. BusyElf Said,

    Great site and great Help.
    Good luck with everything you hope to accomplish Typo.
    Thanks Man!

  4. kurihiir Said,

    I am quite speechless. Super friendly and understanding, He helped me to fix my forum which otherwise wouldve been doomed. I learned a lot. Im sure he can fix ur problem as well, really nice person who to work with. All the best!

  5. Jon Said,

    A++ service. Will definitely do more business!

  6. WoodsFairy Said,

    Great place, love the webstie, everything looking fantastic, keep up the fantastic work, now you gotta keep doing great works, as you have already worked miracles and done FANTASTIC

    hugs dear
    Blessed Be

  7. BusyElf Said,

    Nice llooking site Typo, very professional and clean looking.
    Thanks for the scripting help also. great work!

  8. Dragonfly Said,

    Hey Typo,
    Now when I yell, “Typo, Typo – I broke it – can you please fix it?” I will know where to find you.
    Congrats on a fantastic site – well done!

  9. Gale Said,

    The site looks great. Thanks for all the scripting help! You’re the best!

  10. Erry Said,

    Keep up the great work!
    I know that you’ll do good cause you’re the best there is ;)

  11. Layla Said,

    Hi Typo .
    Let me be the first to tell you ,,

    This site looks great .


  12. Typo Said,

    I’ll be the first to sign it :)

    “Typo Was Here”

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